Klara’s birthday

Oops, this is from a month ago…

A map of old-growth forests I want to visit

Recently I’ve been fascinated by the book Ontario’s Old-Growth Forests: A Guidebook Complete with History, Ecology and Maps by Michael Henry and Peter Quinby. I think Eric is getting tired of my mini “lectures” about tree species every morning at breakfast (and every other chance I get). Anyway, here’s my list of some of the forests I want to visit, with any luck, starting this summer:

View Old Growth Forests in a larger map

A more complete map of all the forests covered in the book is available at:

Arboretum and Bruce Side Trail

On an afternoon hike at the Arboretum we stumbled upon the side trail to Inglis Falls. Didn’t go all the way to the falls, but the icy river was gorgeous!


(DAY 6)

After lunch, our next stop was the Museum of Fine Arts. We had to walk a bit through Citadelpark to get there. I had fun taking photos while Eric hurried ahead.

Tracking Abbey

I was creeped out when Eric bought a GPS watch this week– I simply find tracking, and especially the sharing of gathered info with third parties, just plain disturbing. But I managed to find a fun use for the watch anyway: we strapped it to Abbey and mapped her off-leash route around the park. That might throw off the CIA or whoever else is aggregating GPS watch data…

Anyway, you can watch Abbey’s path in this video:

And view Abbey’s pace and speed statistics:

Abbey’s pace
Abbey’s speed

Stay tuned for a comparison with Sage later this week.

Riverside Park

To avoid heatstroke this week, we got the dogs shaved down to the beards and took them swimming a bunch of times. This trip to Riverside Park turned Abbey into a swamp monster a mere hour after she came back from the beauty salon.

And a bumpy overexposed video to match: