Summer fragments

Pie making II

I learned how to make pies before, but I needed a refresher.

1. Start with coffee
2. Cook the veggies.
3. Make as much gravy as humanly possible.
4. Magically turn them into pies!
5. Check inventory of gadgets.
6. Enjoy tropical November :)


I hope little Quinny liked the game of Pass The Baby we played on Saturday!

Pie making

Mom visited and taught me how to make veggie pot pies, my favourite winter food. I was fairly successful (for a first try).  A couple look like “Frankenpies”, but if they taste as good as the one we cooked already I won’t even notice how Arctically cold it is outside.

Matching slippers.
Start with magic slippers.
The flour
Then mix flour and salt.
Add shortening and ice water, and it eventually turns into a ball. When it does, refrigerate it.
Precook miscellaneous veggies, such as: potatoes, sweet potatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, carrots.
To melted butter, add onions, flour, and spices. Also, milk and broth.
Stir forever.
Stir until the instant coffee is finished.
When it’s thickened into gravy, add green peas and all the precooked veggies. Set aside.
Splatter flour on the table! Wheeeee!
Be nice to that pie dough.
Carefully roll a portion of dough until it’s big enough to fit a pie plate. I said carefully. Try again.
Fold in half twice and lift the dough into the pie plate. This is delicate work. Next, spoon in the filling. Wet the outer edge with hot water before placing the top on top. (You can ‘seam’ broken pieces together like this as well, luckily).
Press down all around the edge and slice off the excess.
Etch a fork mark design around the edge to beautify.
Place the pie into a freezer back and suck the air out with a straw! Freeze for later. Hurray!

Christmas in the Sound

Father’s Day

Exploring Willow Farm Grasses, another garden on Grey-Bruce rural garden map, Walters Falls and Inglis Falls with mom and dad on Father’s Day weekend:

Dad’s seventieth

These pictures of dad’s birthday don’t include the ordinary:

  • opening of presents (forgot)
  • eating homemade lasagna & cake (competitive sport)
  • me, anna, eric or the 5 dogs in attendance (oopsy)

However, I do have some evidence of the aliens landing in the backyard…