Summer fragments


I hope little Quinny liked the game of Pass The Baby we played on Saturday!

Christmas in the Sound

Father’s Day

Exploring Willow Farm Grasses, another garden on Grey-Bruce rural garden map, Walters Falls and Inglis Falls with mom and dad on Father’s Day weekend:

Dad’s seventieth

These pictures of dad’s birthday don’t include the ordinary:

  • opening of presents (forgot)
  • eating homemade lasagna & cake (competitive sport)
  • me, anna, eric or the 5 dogs in attendance (oopsy)

However, I do have some evidence of the aliens landing in the backyard…

Thanksgiving weekend

July party

My aunt organized a surprise party for her boyfriend in July. There was much dancing to a cool band that played songs from 1950s and 60s and I won a hose as a door prize! Here are the few photos I have that don’t depict the overconsumption of salads.