Christmas 2017

I hardly took any photos during our trip to Roanoke for Christmas vacation, what I did take makes a weird collection.


NOTE: I finally published this in April and back dated it to December. If I recall, on my birthday we went out for lunch and book shopping at Great Books cafe. As usual, this was our breakfast:

Solar eclipse of the heart

We watched the August 20th solar eclipse at a Dark Sky Preserve on Manitoulin Island. Amateur astronomers had three sun-viewing telescopes set up and free eclipse glasses for everyone.

We tied the dogs up under a tree and wandered from station to station to watch the sun along with maybe ~70 other people. I shamelessly visited the kids’ craft table and painted myself a solar eclipse mobile on slices of wood.

Totality on the island was only 60-something percent, but it was fascinating to watch the sky dim out and midday shadows fade. The very hot day noticably cooled as the eclipse began to peak near 2:25, then heated back up again before sunset. When the event was over and the crowd cleared out, we immediately switched from our damp, woodsy campsite up to the dry, wonderful meadow to watch more sky overnight.

Christmas 2016

Christmas at Carl’s was nice and mellow– except for those who had a cold and/or got the flu and/or did all the cooking (not me). Unfortunately, it seems I only took out my camera once :(

Not shown:
– any of us adults (we didn’t just let Sage supervise the kids)
– Anna’s lovely Christmas meal
– 4 schnauzers behaving charmingly
– all our nice presents!
– chillin’ out with movies all Sunday long

Here’s what I did capture:

Presidential debate snacks


Snacks for the second presidential debate on September 26th (way to ruin Sage’s birthday). Representing the Democratic nominee: Very brittle Southern BBQ flavoured kettle chips. Representing the Republican nominee from New York: Very orange cheesy puffs.

Sage looks likes she’d prefer something else altogether.

Sage’s thirteenth

We celebrated Sage’s birthday with pumpkin-blueberry-banana pancakes. I knew she knew they were for her when she laid at my feet while I was cooking. Both dogs devoured them, I hope it won’t add too much to their girths.

Why no present on the momentous occasion of Sage becoming a teenager? Because Canadian Tire was all sold out of decoy mallards and that’s all she really wanted. We will check back later this week.