Gardiner Museum

First visit to the Gardiner ceramics museum in Toronto. Every 3rd Friday is free!

Here are some of my favourite objects:

Kangaroo mug

I got two new mugs in the mail last week from Marie. They’ve got ingenious little pouches in the front to hold the spent tea bag. No more excuses for bitter tea or messy desk :)

Handmade in Springfield, MO


From an impromptu stop at an antique shop during our Saugeen river recon trip:

A typecase, now home to figurines and stuff.
letterpress letters
The quick brown fox is missing a few vowels.

Legacy potting

Eric loved his pottery classes so much last year that we now have a kind of pottery studio set up in our basement. But his interest in pottery is not new– for his birthday ten years ago we took an hour or so long pottery lesson in a city devoted to ceramics not far from where we were teaching at the time, Icheon. We still have one of the bowls we made which we use as a water dish for the girls (Abbey broke the other one, mine).

Here are the photos from our 2003 pottery adventure (also rescued from Eric’s old Geocities site):