Camping on Manitoulin Island


September fishing

Willow Farm Grasses revisited

I dragged Eric out to a nursery that specializes in ornamental grasses last weekend. You can also wander around their property, several acres of meadow.  Last year I bought sweetgrass and prairie dropseed. I bought three more this time, which I’ll photograph after I plant:

  • Switchgrass – Panicum virgatum “Warrior”
  • Little bluestem – Schizachyrium scoparium “The Blues”
  • Tufted hairgrass – Deschampsia cespitosa

One day on the water

I missed Opening Day because I couldn’t move my legs after 4 days of hiking in the woods. After a full weekend of A535, hot baths, ibuprofen, and extra sleep (also waiting for the sun to come out), I made it out for a half day by the west shore of Beausoleil.

Northern Skies Outpost Cabin

Three days at a cabin on Frobel Lake with my friend Diane, and my first time in Northern Ontario!