Al Purdy Was Here

We watched this documentary at Heartwood Concert Hall last night, thanks to an event coordinated by my neighbour who organizes awesome film screenings periodically throughout the year. It was preambled with local poets and performers and finished off with a Q&A with the director and writer. I feel like this will boost Eric’s ability to pass the Canadian citizenship test, if he ever so desires.

Saturday night drive-in

We watched Minions and the second Jurassic movie at the drive-in last weekend and I stayed awake for both shows. May have finished the popcorn before the first movie started. Didn’t even think to pack bug repellent, so my feet got eaten up. We left the dogs at home, but I wonder if next time they might like to join us?
drivein drivein-2 drivein-3 drivein-4

New cheese shop

Wine and cheese platter for lunch at the Milk Maid: Stilton, aged Lankaaster, rosemary Asiago, and Brie with apple slices, house-made lingonberry jam, olives and crispy crackers. And a half liter of red, please. Can’t wait til Paula visits :)

cheese-01 cheese-02

Festival of Northern Lights

The local lights festival opened last weekend with fireworks, music, snacks and hot drinks on the street. All the celebrating downtown made the early appearance of snow feel fun. Eric and I tested out our new winter jackets and even made it to the parade on Saturday morning.

Arboretum and Bruce Side Trail

On an afternoon hike at the Arboretum we stumbled upon the side trail to Inglis Falls. Didn’t go all the way to the falls, but the icy river was gorgeous!

Snow day, continued