Kitchen wall paper rip off festival!

Before-only photos of getting the insanely bright paper off the kitchen walls. I’ve wanted to do this since day one!

It took 2 days to get the walls clear of paper and glue, another one or two to clean, patch, and prep, one more to prime, and then one more day to topcoat. Anyhow, somehow the whole thing took a week. I used leftover paint and 1 tiny can of sample yellow, didn’t touch the trim or ceiling but bah, it’s good enough for now.

(after photos coming soon)

Paint results

Here are the results of the living and dining room painting we had done last month. It’s been so dismal lately, I don’t have well lit pictures, but you get the idea. Also, we have more art up on the walls since I took these pictures and I’ve rearranged the dining room but I’m very out of the habit of posting so this will have to do for now.

Beige hell


We have one week left to decide on paint colours for the living room / dining room. Grey tones look dingy, yellow tones look buttery, light colours disappear into nothing and dark ones suffocate. Nightmare.

Painting my office

Window reno

We had the front window replaced with a triple glazed lowE window that better ****-well keep winter on the outside this year.

Spring masonry project

In early April we had the house repointed,  about 100~150 cracked bricks replaced with matching period brick, and some of the previous owner’s follies with Portland cement removed and remortared. The rain has not yet washed away all of the masonry dust and the windows seem to have not yet cleaned themselves. However, we hope this helps cut down on winter drafts next year.

Here are more before-during-and-after brickwork photos than anyone ever thought they’d see:

End of back room reno

There are still few more final touches for this project to be 100% done-done, but today we put up a new bathroom mirror so I’m considering this project “done enough” for now.

The $30 Home Depot mirror.
The brick wall, my masterpiece!
My manly reno hands :)

Back room reno continued

Behind that framing and plaster lies a brick wall waiting to be revealed!