Coral Charm

I planted this bare-root “Coral Charm” peony last spring and was hoping for a shrub this year. Strangely, there is one stem only, it’s nearly 1m high, and it has but one flower. Luckily that flower is amazing and huge. Its colour has been transforming over the last few days…

June 9th
June 12th
June 14th

Various attempts at crafting

Christmas 2017

I hardly took any photos during our trip to Roanoke for Christmas vacation, what I did take makes a weird collection.

Pie making II

I learned how to make pies before, but I needed a refresher.

1. Start with coffee
2. Cook the veggies.
3. Make as much gravy as humanly possible.
4. Magically turn them into pies!
5. Check inventory of gadgets.
6. Enjoy tropical November :)

Catching up

An assortment of pictures dating back to last fall…


NOTE: I finally published this in April and back dated it to December. If I recall, on my birthday we went out for lunch and book shopping at Great Books cafe. As usual, this was our breakfast: